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For Information on Water & Sewer Billings Contact: Barbara Luenberger, Treasurer (989)724-6804

Water Sewer Billings Mailed 1st of Jan., April, July & Oct. Due by the end of the month.

Meter Inspection & Repairs

D.P.W. Workers will be going House to House doing Meter Inspection and Repairs during 2020. They will need to enter your House, Basement or Crawlspace for these inspections. Thank you for your cooperation. City of Harrisville.

Tom Keerl & Allen Kay

Water Sewer Rates


Why does Harrisville need new Wastewater System?

The current system was built in the late 1970’s and has had limited improvement and investment in the past 40 years. Specific concern:

Recent groundwater monitoring has revealed probable leakage from the wastewater lagoons.
Condition assessments have shown that some sewers and manholes are serverly deteriorated.
The city’s wastewater pump stations are operating beyond their design lives.

What will be done?

There are the major components of this project:

Pump Station Improvements
Manhole and Sewer Rehabilitation
Wastewater Lagoon Stabilization

How much will it cost?

Initial estimates put the cost for updates at several million dollars.

When will construction begin?

Construction activities are expected to begin as early as August 2021 and continue theough May 2022, with potential restoration activities extending into 2023. This timeline is tentative.

How will it be paid for?

The city is currently exploring several options including low interest loans with potential for principle forgiveness and grants.

Will my bill go up?

Yes there will be an increase in monthly bills.

How much will it go up?

It will depend on how much grant funding can be secured.

When will it go up?

Tentative, based on when funding is allocated.

How do Harrisville's rates compare to other communities?

Harrisville’s rates are currently much lower than the surrounding communities or statewide average.

Is my drinking water safe?

Yes, Harrisville’s water continues to meet all state and federal drinking water Requirements.